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Flock of Birds

Counselling and Coaching for a Post-Pandemic world 


Hey there, I'm Jayne a Counsellor and Coach specialising in working with individuals with Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Burnout and Chronic illness to rediscover balance, meaning, purpose and direction in their lives again.


Life has really changed over the past few years and so many of us feel like we need to be striving harder in an increasingly fast paced world to get back 'to where we were' or 'back to normal'. We have barely had time to stop and process the impact of what has happened to us personally over the past few years and things might feel very different for us now than they did before. We are increasingly exposed to global worries, combined with the pressure to keep up and survive on a day to day basis. This can leave us feeling out of control, in a perpetual state of confusion and exhaustion which can impact every area of our life. You don't have to navigate this alone...

Are you?


Feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your career/life/study or relationships and feel like you have made choices that no longer fit who you are now.


Self-critical, strives to please others and find it hard to say no.


Living with a chronic illness such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia or Long Covid.


Feeling like old issues and patterns are re-surfacing once again


Struggling with a loss of motivation or direction or feeling low in mood, depressed or lonely.


Going through a life transition and feeling disillusioned or disconnected from yourself and others.

If you answered yes, that's me! to any of the above or just feel like something rings true for you, working with me will empower you to find the courage, self- compassion and strength to make change and get back on track wherever you are at. You have all of the natural strengths, abilities and talents to navigate the inevitable challenges of life with purpose.


It's time to move forward without fear!



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Contact Me

Book now on my Let's Go link below for a free 30 minute consultation

Phone 07591 914975 


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