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What is Coaching?

Coaching is no longer reserved for Business types or Executives, it is suitable for anyone who is looking to move forward and make changes in their lives.  It is a collaborative process focussed on unlocking your strengths, abilities and potential Old or learnt patterns of relating to ourselves, other or our current situation can often keep us safe and protect us from our fear of change.  Coaching offers a space for challenging your thinking, assumptions and beliefs, tackling problems more effectively, enhancing self awareness, increasing your productivity and develop goal setting and action plans.


How is it different from Counselling?


The main difference is that coaching is much more about working in the 'here and now'.  A coach will take account of things that have happened in the past, particularly if you are exploring your core beliefs but they will generally stay more present and future focussed.  Coaching will help you to problem solve, take positive action or take a new life path. 



What is a session like?


The sessions are led by you. I will listen and work with you to draw out what it is that is most important to you to work on or achieve. I won't tell you what to do or offer advice but I will work with you to find your own solutions. In a session we might focus on developing practical tools, setting mini-intentions/goals, get creative or explore a bit more deeply around the things that might be holding you back.  The sessions can also be fun and can really invigorate and inspire you to go for it!


Jayne is an intuitive and insightful coach whose empathic and proactive skills have led me to question, challenge and change the behavioural patterns that affect many of my decisions. Since working together I have become more mindful and aware of the constraints of my own thinking. I would 100% recommend her.




Jayne will gently support you and go at your pace to journey through your challenges and dreams, she holds the space well to really dream into goals and hopes, and I always felt a good energy after, which supported me to move beyond my comfort zone.



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