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About Me!


Whether you are coming to me for Counselling, Coaching or Supervision, I fully understand it is important to find someone to work with who you can trust, feel safe and click with. I aim to be as transparent and straightforward as possible so that you can make an informed decision about whether working with me is right for you.  


  I will:

  • Offer a grounded and compassionate approach to our work together

  • Work with you in the spirit of empathy, care, kindness and trust

  • Encourage collaboration & honest communication

  • Work alongside you to reach your goals

  • Work ethically, self reflect and own up if I do make a mistake!


  I won't:

  • Offer a quick fix- change can take time!

  • Tell you what to do or judge you

  • Offer diagnosis for mental health conditions

My Journey


After over 20 years working with children, young people and adults across the charity, NHS, Public, Education and Private sector I have developed in an in depth understanding of shared challenges and barriers that we all face as human beings. I grew up in an era and a home where mental health was way more taboo that it is now. After seeking support for my own issues early in life and in my teenage years and 20's, I wanted to work in a vocation where I could challenge out dated societal narratives and put something back in.


I entered the Helping Professions in my mid 20s and built many years experience working directly with people in youth and community work, counselling & mental health services, drug and alcohol support, schools and domestic and sexual violence services amongst many others.  Over the course of my career, I progressed into Managerial and Senior leadership positions, overseeing regional and national teams, ensuring that I never lost sight of my original intentions. 


This driven & heart centred approach served me well for many years but as with many professionals in the helping sector, the increased demand to deliver more for less in a system under pressure, began to have an impact on me.  Even with experience and self-care in place, stress and fatigue took a toll on my health both physically and mentally and I began to experience cycles of burnout and chronic illness. As a high sensory person (HSP), I realised that I was giving too much energy away and my nervous system was totally exhausted.


You can't pour from an empty cup!

Health is everything. I knew that I needed to take a long hard look at myself, which was hard to do as work formed a huge part of my identity and sense of place in the world.  I realised that work on a deeper level was required so that I could create a more balanced life. This meant going back before going forward and making sense of coping strategies and mechanisms which had built up over the years and led to cycles of boom and bust.  I set out to  develop new ways of being that were more in line with the person that I had become by creating better boundaries, more space, more pace and more acceptance.  Life is definitely not perfect but I do approach things differently now, which has led to a more sustainable way of living.


My biggest wish is to support people to find this for themselves, however that looks. My combined lived and professional experience have been invaluable in shaping my transparent, practical, yet gentle approach with people from all walks of life.




I work as a 1:1 Therapist, Coach and Supervisor both short and long term- face to face and online, predominantly with people aged 18+  However as I have extensive professional experience and background in working in young people's mental health, if you are a parent/carer visiting today, please do ask me about this. 


I take part in regular CPD to ensure that my learning journey is continuous. I  engage with regular therapy & coaching and hold appropriate indemnity insurance and an Enhanced DBS certificate. I work with the BACP code of ethics and my work is supervised by a suitably qualified professional.


Neurodiversity in Coaching (currently studying) (Animas Coach Academy)

Professional Certificate in Transpersonal Therapy (Iron Mill College)

ACC in Coaching (ICF Accredited) (Optimus Coaching Academy)

Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling (Iron Mill College)

Diploma in Supervision (Advanced training status with NCPS)

Certificate in Counselling (University of the West of England)

PG (Dip) Youth and Community work (The University of St Mark and St John)

BA (Hons) Drama and Education studies (The University of St Mark and St John)




I offer a free 30 minute consultation where we can chat a bit more before you decide to go ahead with sessions. I usually advise clients to commit to at least 6 sessions to being with, to get a feel for whether things are progressing in a way that you wish. I offer weekly Face to Face in Bristol on a Friday in a lovely, light and airy counselling room in the heart of Cheltenham Road.  I also work country wide and also offer online and telephone sessions for those who prefer this or who are not in Bristol.  I have a flat fee structure, which I review annually.  I am fully self employed, so my work with clients and supervisees is my sole source of income and therefore operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. I hold a couple of concessionary slots for students or those on a low income. 


£60 for a 50 minute session either online or Face to Face in Bristol. Six session block bookings are available for £345 (5% discount)


£70 for a 60 minute session either online or face to face in Bristol. Six session block bookings are available for £399 (5% discount)


£50 for an hour session or £65 for 1.5 hours either online or face to face in Bristol. Student discount available. 

  • Online or Face to Face in Bristol

    60 British pounds

Contact Me

Book now on my Let's Go link below for a free 30 minute consultation

Phone 07591 914975



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