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What is counselling?


Counselling is a talking therapy carried out by a trained professional in a safe, confidential space. It can help you to manage emotional problems, difficulties and issues in your life. People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons and you do not need to have a mental health problem to benefit from it.  It can be a space for growth, reflection and personal development. Areas you may wish to focus on can include, working on understanding feelings and emotions better, improving your relationships, healing from childhood experiences, challenging thought patterns and behaviours and exploring situations that you find difficult. My training is in Integrative Counselling which means that I use an approach to our work which fits your particular needs and circumstances. 


Where do I start?


Start wherever you feel comfortable. In the first few sessions, we will be getting to know more about you and what has brought you to counselling. You may have specific things that you want to work on or things might feel a bit more unclear- both are totally ok! I often think of therapy as having a bit of a journey, firstly the settling in phase where you will start to explore your worries in more depth and building a working relationship with your therapist. 


Research shows that the quality of the therapeutic relationship can hugely support the outcome of your therapy goals and wishes. Over time, you may move more deeply into awareness, acceptance or understanding of your situation, so that you can start to explore whether there is the opportunity to make some longer term changes.


What is a session like?


We will always work on whatever you wish to bring.  Therapy can be challenging at times with some painful moments as you begin to explore. Your emotions may feel a bit more tender than usual or you may feel stuck at times this is totally normal. There is no rush, everyone is different and works at different depths and pace. The most important thing is to bring the whole of you- crying and swearing is totally ok with me!


Remember that incremental changes can also make a huge difference to how you feel overall and I will check in with you at regular intervals to see how you feel things are going. If you are open to it, we can use creativity, mindfulness and practical tools to explore to support you with the mind body connection. 


Jayne was absolutely amazing. How she was able to make me feel like she'd been a confidant that had been in my life for years was astounding. I've never encountered such a great listener, I always found Jayne's ability to take me down a path, that I subconsciously really wanted to explore, utterly mind blowing. I could go on and on and on but I'd be here a very long while. Thank you. LCD

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